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CURTEEZ, He'll tell his story to you #InTheMIX !!

By listening to various DJ-mixes from the local radios in Curacao in the early 80's, this DJ got inspired and started to research and discover the art of mixing tracks. To start off that journey, he bought a well-used dj-set, installed it in his bedroom, collected a huge amount of records on vinyl, and than the journey began with hours/days/weeks of discovering mixing & scratching. After being heard and introduced to the outside world by Curaçao's number one DJ, "BoogieMan" with the help of his Mom, CuRTeeZ than started rocking the biggest clubs and beaches on the island of Curacao, including mixing tracks for the hottest radio-station on the island (Laser 101). Once moved to Holland, CuRTeeZ started to expand his network, growing as an “allround”- and “Dance/ House” -DJ. Playing in different clubs in this new arena, CuRTeeZ met and played among many DJs and worked among many producers & beat-makers. As co-founder of BuzzBin Productions, CURTEEZ works on crazy beats that can be heard in his sets and also coaches young talents who can benefit from his experience and expertise. Characteristic for CuRTeeZ is the way he mixes Funky, Latin, Electro & groovyhouse all into one amazing flow, guaranteed to keep crowds on the dance floor for as long as he’s doing his thing. CuRTeeZ is also an expert in all-round events, mixing 80’s/90’s/R&B/Hip-Hop/House (funky, Latin, groovy, electro) & more, in a matter that is unique. It’s fair to say that this DJ is not “The man with the master plan”, but “The master with a plan”. Watch him!


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Where the party's at

  • Where: Opporto
  • City : Scheveningen
  • Time : 21:00 - 02:00
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  • Where: Strantwerpen
  • City : Antwerpen
  • Time : 22:00 - 02:00
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  • Where: Opporto
  • City : Scheveningen
  • Time : 21:00 - 01:00
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  • Where: The Box
  • City : AMsterdam
  • Time : 17:00 - 23:00
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